Vicious Red Welcomes You

This is the blog of a veteran, a diabetic and a lover of life and positivity.. enjoy the ride 🙂


If you are reading this you are still alive, stand up, dust off, and join back in the race.


You. Can. Do. It.

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On Daughters…

To my daughter – I am her all-time hero, a big giant of a warrior who can defeat any big scary monster with large blue eyes and red dots on its scales… I am her saviour, her guardian angel sent from God. Yet the reality is, SHE keeps ME strong. She breathes life back into… Continue reading On Daughters…

Challenge… Part Two

The clouds above are dark, September, the shadow of winter coming to haunt us already. Six days since my longest ever jaunt, my achievement. My legs still sore and stiff not fully recovered… of course I did not heed the warning my body was giving – not really subtle warning either… but I was not… Continue reading Challenge… Part Two

My Big Challenge.. (Part 1)

A brisk, early morning near the North-East coast of England. Feeling apprehensive but giddy, inspired, motivated – I am constantly picturing the motion of completing this run – my longest ever at the time. It is 6 months since my diagnosis and my most ambitious running project is about to get underway in less than… Continue reading My Big Challenge.. (Part 1)

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