The stars, how they inspire..

I have this night time routine, where, after a loaded day of productivity and activity, my mental and physical energy has expired, I need to wind down and re-fill the cup.

I do this via three means – 1) I sit with my children, talk, play, and put them to bed, 2) I jump in a hot bath and listen to an audio book and then 3) nip outside and stare at the stars… sometimes with binoculars, sometimes without – always on a clear night. You see I live in the mountains, in Scotland, the views are glorious, the night sky is punctured by a ‘million million’ stars, planets and other galactic bodies, and then more elements from the wider expanse of a growing universe (or a multi-verse, but that’s for another blog..). The views simply take your breath away, one can never get bored of the amazing features on display, the sheer constellations and mass of bodies that fill our earthly sky. This then leads onto us, the mere, insignificant humans, whom adorn this rock called Earth. Or so one may think as we reside in the great ‘continuum’…

Alas, we are not insignificant are we? Holistically we have breached the limitations of gravity and flown, we have conquered the question of getting to space and now we dare to embrace potential of colonial presence on another planet! All this from an insignificant formation of cells called humans. All the above within 150 years….

So think about that – yes ok certain specialist individuals have designed rockets, theorised the elements to breach and created the tools with which to expand and explore, but are they really special? Are they more equipped than you or I to think of the mathematical equation? Are they more able to pilot the aircraft or build it? Where they born with these super powers? Or taught them by some ancient God whom bestowed his/her powers upon them because they look prettier than their neighbour?

No. They simply acted and followed their dreams. They stood up.

Each Human is born unique (as an individual). Yes. Each human must learn so many different things before even acquiring lessons or schooling, such as walking, talking, eating, listening, understanding the concepts behind some words, picturing, touching and grasping, smelling and understanding the ‘yes or no’ barrier, pain, aches, bangs and falls, success, victory, glory – all before they are 3 or 4 years old – uniquely, individually born – but NOT different. We are all born with the same, undeveloped educational brain, with a billion or more neurons sparking and bouncing forming new neural pathways to create fresh connections, those lessons learned and stored and compressed ready for instant recall as a concept is understood and used. Each person is the same in this context.

So after the long winded ‘story’ I culminate at this point. A very simple message really. We can all be what we dream to be, marginal gains, goal setting, methods, and habit forming yes, but WE are the ones who need to ACT to achieve our dreams, fall forward, defeat the enemy of fear, doubt and procrastination and get up, look up high, stare at the stars, and be reminded from a simple cell with which you are born, and from you and your actions and self belief, can so much be achieved.

Be the Best you can be, achieve, realise your goal. I have faith in you.

Thank you stars, the universe and thank you, the reader.


By Vicious Red

I'm a retired soldier, who has Type 1 Diabetes and does not let it beat him welcome to my world, enjoy the ride :-)


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